Isabella, (Do you remember Isa? We met her here - she’s in charge of Beauty Origin and is a hair & makeup artist at The Names Agency), well, it’s time we all thanked her. She’s sharing her secrets with us, so if you want to look as gorgeous as the model Sarah here (really, who doesn’t!?), keep on reading.

“Makeup not only looks better, but it sits better on a well-maintained skin. (When using makeup) it’s so important to start with beautiful skin that glows, and you can achieve this with regular facials or peels.

“For first timers and for skincare pros, I recommend the Cosmedix Blueberry Peel. It refreshes and exfoliates the skin without irritation. A gentle acid is combined with active blueberry extracts, it’s soothing so is perfect right before a big event, whether that be a job interview, weddings, or before a well-deserved holiday.


“Once skin has had deep exfoliation, you’ve got to maintain the goodness with hard working products. Payot’s Hydra 24 Light is an oil-free emulsion - so is perfect for all skin types, all ages, and is ideal for hot and humid weather, just like ours here in Sydney.

“Once a week I recommend using a detox mask. The Payot Masque D’Tox works as a rapid beauty boost. It tells that pollution and stress our skin has been exposed to, to go away and gets everything going. Look at it like a refresher.

“When skin is clear and those old skin cells have been removed (I recommend the Payot Gommage Instense Fraicheur, an exfoliator), is when products can really be absorbed and work their magic. Two products that really maximise this freshness are eye creams and serums. Go for hydrating, brightening variations of both to keep discolouration away. I love the way Cosmedix Eye Genius and their Simply Brilliant Serum work.

“And don’t forget, for those who love a little sunshine, a sunscreen - either in your moisturiser or foundation - is a must. The Cosmedix Reflect Sun Protection Moisturiser is a full spectrum SPF 15 spray sun block for all skin types. It protects against UVA and UVB rays, so works to prevent burning and prevent ageing.

“Now for the makeup rundown. To create Sarah’s ethereal beauty I applied Shu Uemura’s BB Cream all over the skin. I amped up her brows with the Shu Uemura hard pencil, kept lashes mascara free (although she does have beautifully tinted lashes) and added shine to the lids (as well as lips) with Goe Oil. On the apples of the cheeks I applied Nars Orgasm Illuminator with fingertips and to the cheekbones the Hourglass Illume Creme to Powder Bronzer in Sunset. I concealed any imperfections on the skin and under eyes with Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage and finished the makeup look with Benefit’s Lollitint. Finally, on nails I applied two coats of Butter London’s Cream Tea.”


PHOTOGRAPHY James TolichFASHION Nicola Hill HAIR Ali Holmes @ Wild Life SoGo MAKEUP Isabella Schimid @ The Names Agency for shu uemura MODEL Sarah Lorimer @ Chadwick Models