Thanks to this Kenzo AW 14 shot from Self Service magazine, the catwalk has craving some serious cat eye. Isabella - the beauty behind Beauty Origin, a hair and makeup artist at The Names Agency, and our go-to beauty girl - has given us the lowdown on how to get the best coloured cat eyes. Read on…


What's the difference between liquid and pencil eyeliners?

Eyeliner pencil is usually made from a cream base and can be used to get a fine line or smudged to get a soft, smokey effect. A liquid eyeliner is in a liquid form and can be more difficult to apply as it can show up any mistakes if not applied well. It cannot be smudged and can create a beautiful defined line.

Which one (a powder or a pencil) do you prefer for creating a graphic cat eye and why?

I like to use a cream pencil first to get my definition and shape, then go over with a liquid eyeliner to make it deeper and darker.

Which colours are you loving now?

I absolutely love a coloured graphic eye line. Blue and pink is amazing: pink on a blue eye to bring out the blue, and blue eyeliner on a brown eye is gorgeous.

Which brands do you recommend?

Shu Uemura and MAC have some amazing coloured pencils and liquid eyeliners. For black, Lord and Berry have the best liners - both liquid and pencil - that I have ever used.

Finally, how do you make the look last all day?

Simply using a pencil first then setting it with a liquid or powder eyeshadow will keep the eyeliner in place. Also, try and avoid cream on the eyelid (you can do this by powdering well before applying your eyeliner).

Behind the scenes with Isa...

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