Winter Skin with Wild Side

Winter is here. Ugh! For most of us that means a lot less exercise (now really, who actually exercises in the rain?), a whole lot of comfort food, and dry skin. Beautician (read: skin wizard a.k.a. your new hero) Lisa Vieira from Wild Life Beauty Origin reveals why our skin becomes so lacklustre during the drizzly season and shares ways to beat the blues (skin blues, that is).

Wild Side Webzine (WSW): How does the cold dry out our skin? Lisa Vieira (LV): Lack of moisture in the air is the reason why our skin becomes dry. When the weather is cold and dry, the dry air reduces the amount of moisture in the skin. Even if you don't spend much time outdoors during the winter, the dry air combined with home heating dries skin out.

WSW: Is it bad for our skin to be around heaters? LV: Heaters are great for keeping us warm but not so great for our skin; they will suck up moisture from wherever it can be found. When our skin is dehydrated our sebaceous glands will generally compensate for that lack of moisture by overproducing oil.

WSW: What about showers? Can we still have hot showers? (Pleeeease) LV: Just like heaters, the steam from a hot shower will rob the skin of its moisture. After hopping out of the shower, skin will start to dehydrate in as little as three minutes. So, if we have the hot water on full blast and the bathroom looking like a sauna you can only imagine how quick our delicate skin has the moisture sucked out of it. So, straight after a shower, while you’re still wrapped in a towel, get those products on your face. ASAP. And don’t forget the body too!

Winter Skin with Wild Side

WSW: With all of this talk of dry skin, should we be exfoliating? And what about our hands and feet? LV: Definitely. Especially the feet. The colder months are when the skin starts to dry out, build up and crack. Gommage Amande Body scrub by Payot contains pistachio and sweet almond micro-grains. The extracts which will gently exfoliate, soften and nourish the skin. And, while you’re exfoliating your feet, your hands are also being exfoliated. Remember to always follow with a moisturiser.

WSW: What is the best kind of moisturiser to use on these areas? LV: Moisturisers that contain vitamin E, shea butter, glycerin, and natural oils and extracts. Always try to moisturise after washing hands, using sanitising gels, showering, before bed, and generally throughout the day.

WSW: Any secret tricks to having really soft hands or feet? LV: Moisturise whenever possible. Have some in your bag, at work, near the sink, on the bedside table. Wash hands with cold or lukewarm water. My feet get particularly dry during the colder months so I like to lather on the moisturiser and pop on my socks before bed.

WSW: And what about nails? If we're not using a polish, should we use a nourishing cream or polish? LV: Using a cuticle oil is excellent for keeping cuticles soft and supple, and nails looking great. Butter London Holiday Handbag Cuticle Oil is amazing! A must have for everyone’s handbag.

WSW: What are your favourite winter products for hands and feet? LV: Payot’s Douceur Des Mains is a beautiful hand cream. And, it can also be used on the feet. It's very nourishing without that greasy feel, smells divine, and feels beautiful. Lu’lur Coco Cream Body Moisturiser by USPA is another one of my faves for keeping those really dry areas nourished. Especially feet, but also elbows and knees. And it smells delicious too!

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