We go behind-the-scenes with Wild Life Beauty Origin's nail expert Oli Antunes to discover the hottest nail looks and how to get strong nails and beautiful hands.

What nail shapes are in right now?
Most of my clients still regularly ask for short, square or rounded but the long almond shape is definitely trending right now. We see this shape on many celebrities like Rhianna, Beyoncé and Kim K.

And what length?
This is more of a personal preference, but long is in.

What are your top requests these days?
It depends on what type of a job it is. These days my clients are mostly requesting gel polish like Shellac and OPI Gel. The shine and longevity of the manicure win every time. Fashion/editorial work is varied and dependant on the styling. 

Is nail art still a thing?
Personally, I never got into it.  Occasionally I get asked to put a "glam on" by brides but unless it's for something specific, I think the younger generation are still into it. 

Which three shades are you loving right now?
Smith & Cult: Feed the Rich (a beautiful deep blue/grey), Butter London: LA Moss (a dark chocolaty red), and OPI Infinite Shine: It Never Ends (a gorgeous creamy, mauve mocha).

What kind of treatments should one do to look after nails in the cooler weather?
Cuticle oil, every time, all the time. If you have none, any vegetable oil will do, especially avocado, coconut and macadamia.

Do you have any favourite hand and nail creams?
I love L'Occitane's hand creams and in winter, I just can't do without Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream - I put it on everything.

Any favourite lacquers and base coats that protect fragile nails?
All brands have base coats that protect nails but treatment wise, Butter London Horse Power is one, and Revitanail's treatment system is second to none - even their polishes have nourishing ingredients. 

Are there any ingredients to avoid?
Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) - these are toxic. Although, most reputable brands have removed these from their polishes.

The best remover to not damage nails?
Non-acetone remover. It doesnt dry out the nail and cuticles as much.

Tips for nails after removing nail polish?
Treat nails with a rich cream or cuticle oil, always after polish removal.  Otherwise nails become brittle.

Is there anything we can eat to look after our tips?
Eating healthy in general is good for our overall wellbeing.  Foods high in protein, Vitamin A and Omega 3 fatty acids are great for nails and hair. Nuts, fish, stone fruit are all foods great for strong nails.


Imagery from SuTurno