What’s your star sign? Virgo

How long have you been hairdressing? Since 1984

How long have you been at Wild Life? From the beginning. In the ‘Wild”!!

Where were you born? Hertfordshire, England

What’s a favourite hair tip? Curly head clients should use paper towel/kitchen roll to squeeze the water out of their hair. Never rub it with a towel.

What’s your biggest hair mistake? Spiral perming my hair on cotton buds!! Oooooo!!!

Are you a beer or wine person? Wine (NZ Sav Blanc)

What’s your favourite holiday destination? New York/Byron Bay

What’s a career hi-light? I’ve been lucky enough to have a few (it’s been a long time). Opening Wild Life and SoGo with Ali Holmes. Also winning Hairdresser of the year 3 times!!!! Still can’t believe it!