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This Post Will Make You A Pro At Cat-Eyes

This Post Will Make You A Pro At Cat-Eyes

3 tips to the best cat-eyes with our beauty queen, makeup artist Isabella Schimid.

1. The difference between liquid and pencil eyeliners?

Eyeliner pencil is usually made from a cream base and can be used to get a fine line or smudged to get a soft, smokey effect. A liquid eyeliner is in a liquid form and can be more difficult to apply as it can show up any mistakes if not applied well. It cannot be smudged and can create a beautiful defined line.

2. Which brands?

Shu Uemura and MAC have some amazing coloured pencils and liquid eyeliners. For black, Lord and Berry have the best liners - both liquid and pencil - that I have ever used.

3. How do you make the look last all day?

Simply using a pencil first then setting it with a liquid or powder eyeshadow will keep the eyeliner in place. Also, try and avoid cream on the eyelid (you can do this by powdering well before applying your eyeliner).