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Collagen In 3 Steps

Collagen In 3 Steps

Collagen, sounds kind of high tech and scary, but is it really? We speak with Jodie Whiley, the National Trainer at Payot to find out what the deal really is...


1. How does collagen in skin care products and facials work?

The Payot Collagen Treatment when applied with the Lotion Apaisante plumps and firms the skin by providing an enzymatic response within the epidermis (basically the outer layer of the skin) to draw moisture and hydrate, thus depleting the feeling of dryness, dehydration and irritation.

2. What are the effects of a collagen facial?

A collagen mask treatment will improve the skin's moisture content through direct skin contact. When applied, it will provide a short occlusive effect which results in the stimulation of the capillary blood circulation, leaving the skin fresher. The water-binding capacity significantly increases the skin's elasticity and firmness, and counteracts the formation of the wrinkles to smooth out the skin’s surface reducing the depth of lines and erasing small wrinkles.

3. How does using collagen in a facial differ to using it in your day-to-day skincare?

In the treatment a collagen sheet is used and applied to the whole face and neck. It is then dampened with the Lotion Apaisante and the two combined soothe, hydrate, can prevent fine lines, reinforce a dehydrated epidermis, reduce redness, inflammation and any irritation, and finally calms and heals the epidermis. There is no home care skin product on the market that is comprised solely of 100% pure collagen. The Payot Hydration Range is the best range to maintain the results of a dehydrated skin requiring hydration, however for a skin needing structuring, the Les Design range is best suited.

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