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This Is What Will Make Your Hair Survive Summer

This Is What Will Make Your Hair Survive Summer

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“Any preventative you can take.”

There you go, you heard (read) it from Ali, Director at SoGo. Because hair absorbs whatever substance it touches—salt water, chlorine, that heavenly salt from floatation tanks—you need to do whatever prep you can manage before your go for a dip—even if you have untreated hair. Here are three things you gotta do:

1. Drench Your Hair in Water and Product Before a Swim

Stop any salt or chlorine getting in there. And if you’re serious about having hot hair, lock that clean water in with product. A wax or pomade is impenetrable shares Ali. (I have waist-length coloured hair and swim every five minutes so I slather on a thick mask. Also Ali approved!)

2. Rinse Your Hair As Soon As You Emerge From the Water

Salt is tough on hair, and chlorine – it’s ruthless. Take a few minutes after you hop out to rinse the salt or chlorine out of your strands. It’s so important not to let chlorine dry in your hair as it builds up and creates a barrier that doesn’t allow your awesome hair products to work their magic, so get those chemicals out. Your book will still be there for you and it’s actually a version European habit to shower immédiatement, non?

3. Deep Clean and Nourish the Crap Out of Your Hair That Night

Double cleanse your hair (with shampoo) and then give it some nourishing love (with a mask then conditioner). For your first shampoo, Ali recommends Kevin Murphy’s Maxi.Wash that contains anti-pollutant ingredients that remove build up of unwanted products or chemicals. The next shampoo can be your usual, then throw on your most hydrating mask followed by your conditioner.

PHOTOGRAPHY Paul Westlake for Pan & The Dream 
HAIR & MAKEUP Isabella Schimid @ UNION using Shu Uemura
MODEL Talisa Quirk @ IMG Models